An auto dealership salesperson commissioned me to design a logo for his new Youtube channel and potential Teespring shop. His ideal channel will be featuring cars, motorcycles, and other powersports' review.
The initial sketches.
My mood board.

The client wants the illustrative logo to have a more "street" look and cool, and I love that because if you look at the logos in the powersports market, you'll soon find a sea of similar logos that bear a lot of the same elements—racing flags, speed lines, slanted typography....

One of the pitfalls to avoid is to make your client's logo look like everyone else's. It's important to study the market and jump out of the norm.
Above are the refined sketches.

I decided to base the design on black letters and referencing some graffiti styles.
Above are the mockups.
And voila! Here's the final version.

The end result is a logo in grayscale that contains some metallic and mechanical features.

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