As an enthusiastic motorcycle rider and a coffee lover, I accepted the commission from Engines for Change (E4C), an organization that mobilizes motorcyclists to make a positive difference in the community. They wanted me to design a coffee label for them, collaborating with Have a Nice Day Coffee.
Kirsten Midura, The founder of E4C, loves the 80s design aesthetics, so that's the direction I went but also keeping Have a Nice Day Coffee's branding in mind.

This is their existed coffee bag design.

This is the specific reference photo Kirsten would like me to base on.

Above is the mood board Kirsten and I build together on Pinterest.
And voila! Here's what the final looks like.
The final delivery is a label around 3" x 4" in CMYK on the golden coffee bag.

And below is an alternative sketch a.k.a the "unchosen one."
Sometimes the unchosen ideas/comps are not failures necessarily. I see them as the soil for the future projects.

I hope you find this project electrifying.

Feel free to contact me for yours!
Thank you!
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