Candles To My Door

Design Objectives:
In this busy holiday season, I was hired by Tea Email Agency to help them design email graphics for their new and existing clients including MotionGrey, the Lamp Stand, and Candles to My Door.
The upsides for working with them is, they have everything handy. They have their own copywriters and marketers, and everything is organized, so all I need to do is follow the guidelines and use my creativity.
The only challenge I would say was how to come up with visual solutions under a tight turnaround time. Because there could be some last-minute copy changes, occasionally I had to turn in the revisions under 24 hours, and the usual turnaround time is 24-48 hours. But even with that, I enjoyed the workflow very much. It's almost like a design boot camp! And working with a reliable and collaborative team like the Tea Email agency made the experience a breeze. They fully trusted my design direction and allowed me to use my creativity freely. The feedback was also very clear and constructive.
So below please see the gallery of my best email graphic design.
And thank you, Ben and Josh!
Email Hero Images for Candles To My Door
Left/Right Images for Candles To My Door
Offer Block Images for Candles To My Door
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