Committee of 100

Design Objectives:
To polish and update C100’s existing letterhead design. The final deliverable has to be in Word.doc, and the letterhead design has to be locked on the page.
Below is the final look.
There are no vertical (column) header/footer options in Microsoft Word, and their column/table options are not flexible enough to achieve what we want. So I decided to build the letterhead design as a high-res image then embed it in the header/footer areas in the doc. The advantage is that you can choose the 1st page to have different look from the rest, so as the staff keeps typing the document, the letterhead design will automatically appear in the new pages and not hinder their flow.
Before we arrived at the final stage, I presented the Marketing Director with a few different layouts. The traditional horizontal design might be the easiest, but we both agreed that the left column bar design is the best looking.

The Director and I were extremely happy with the result because not only do we have a beautiful design, but it’s also friendly to use for less computer-savvy people.
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